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Import script steps

Question asked by JCPython on Mar 18, 2012
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Import script steps


I am not sure if this is possible, but i have my database that i would like to have a button called "import" which would import the records through script step im guessing, grabbing the records from a complete different database file, its a .USR file. the fields are all similar between the two databases but named very differently, users importing records from the foreign database will more then likely not like having to match all the fields up between both databases to import their records, seeing as the users who will have this older database will only be importing into my new database the matching fields would be the same.


i figured if i could just have them all matched up myself and then users could just push the button and boom, all their many records are imported without them having to see all the technicle stuff.


i see the script step for "import" but when i get to the specify import order section i cant see a way to set up a way to keep the import settings so that whatever i set for matching fields it will do the same automatically for the users when they click the button, provided that the foreign database to import from is in the same path as set in the specify path part of the script step, i feel like im not making sence, please let me know if this is clear