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Import script that imports more files than what is present....

Question asked by Mitch on Feb 20, 2011
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Import script that imports more files than what is present....


I have a FMP 11 database I have been using for some time, and when I import data using an import script from a back up .USR file from an older runtime version of the SAME database it works fine, importing 19 out of 19 records, plus portal records.

If I save a back up copy of the FMP 11 database with the new data, in either a .fp7 or rename it to a .USR file, the database will flash a window saying it is importing a thousand or so records with a progress bar, counting down the records, when its finished the window and progress bar appears again saying it is importing several thousand records....  When its all finished, I end up with 19 out of 19 records, plus portal records...

There has been a minor change to the database and the import script to the FMP 11 database since the runtime version was made. Additions to the database:





Main_Text is a hidden calculated text field that combines both the data from and existing Text_Body and Text_Summary into a single field. New_Text is merely a new editable text field.  The change to the import scripts is a Loop (after the main import step) as follows:

Go to Record First


 If [not IsEmpty (Main_Page::Main_Text)]

 Set Variable [$MainText; Value:Main_Page::Main_Text]

 Set Field [Main_Page::New_Text; $MainText]

 End If

Go to Record [Next; Exit after last]

End Loop

Replace Field Contents [No dialog; Main_Page::Text_Body;""]

Replace Field Contents [No dialog; Main_Page::Text_Summary;""]

Apart from this the additional fields and import scirpt on both verisions of the database are the same.

The intention is that if the Main_Text field has data in it, the data is copied into the New_Text field.  Then the data in Text_Body and Text_Summary are deleted.  Any other subsequent imports will not alter or update the New_Text field, because the Main_Text will be empty due do an empty Text_Body and Text_Summary... well, like I said, that is the intention.

I assume I have stuffed up the script, but the solution is beyond me...