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Import Step (containing ODBC DSN) "?" error

Question asked by ryyno10 on Aug 6, 2013


Import Step (containing ODBC DSN) "?" error


     I have a multi-file, FM Server 11 solution that pulls patient information from an HIS server via ODBC connection.  When patients registered in the HIS system schedule an appointment in our department, we pull the basic demographics from the HIS server into a “staging” file, HIS_Import, which is then used to populate the demographics in the appropriate tables and fields.  The ODBC driver was set up under the DSN "LIVE_ENVIRONMENT" and works properly with other, separate departmental solutions. 

     However, we are experiencing an error within our radiation departments system when attempting to execute the Import set containing the previously configured DSN.  When the medical assistants attempt to use the import, the following error displays:

The file “?” could not be found

     Interestingly, when I login under the medical assistant privilege set the import works fine unless I attempt to do this from a medical assistant workstation (under my profile).

     Do the medical assistant computers require additional configuration for the ODBC driver to work properly?