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Import with criteria script

Question asked by caterinap on Mar 22, 2013
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Import with criteria script


     Hi all!

     I am a new FM Pro 12 user. I would like to import data into a database with some criteria.

     Here are more details....

     I have a very simple one-table database. Two other users work on the database at the same time using their own database copies. Thus the column names are the same for eveybody. Every user fills empty fields and may update some fields with new values. It is possible that two users change or fill the same field.

     Once a month evrybody send me their database with the new values and I have to integrate it in the main database. Thus I am looking for a script for data import. I am looking to something that can allow to:

     - import all the new fields that have been filled

     - for numerical fields: update the values only if they are greater than the ones I have already in the main databse

     - for text fields:update the values only if the text lenght is greater than the one that is already in the main database

     Do you have any ideas?

     Thanks a lot!!