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Import Zip Code from Excel truncates leading zero

Question asked by RCaauwe on Apr 7, 2011
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Import Zip Code from Excel truncates leading zero


When importing data from Excel, zip codes that have a leading zero: the leading zero gets truncated.  I have described the field in Filemaker Pro 11 as Text.  ( I had to do this because I also have Canadian and some foreign zip codes that contain letters).

The input Excel file displays only the last 4 digits, but if I format that column in Excel as Special-Zip, then in Excel it displays all 5 digits, so apparently the 5 digits are there in the input file. (Yes I saved the Excel file after reformatting the column) 

But then when I update the FM Pro 11 file with the Excel Input file, the leading zeros are gone. 

Anyone have a solution?