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Import.log not being generated sometimes

Question asked by Denise1 on May 5, 2010


Import.log not being generated sometimes


I'm working with FMA 10.0v3 and an Import.log file is not being generated. I'm working on a local machine with Windows XP/SP3. I searched all the associated drives and didn't find any logs.


I'm importing from one FM file to another. Both were created in FMA 10. The dialogue box says it imported 169 records with 1 record skipped due to errors. However, I only get 147 records imported, some with incomplete data or empty fields. This data does exist in the file I'm importing from. The dialogue box does not have a "view log file" button either.


However, I do get an Import.log file if I import another table, and a dialogue box with a "view log file" button. I don't get a log if I only import data.


How can I generate an Import.log file? This is also happening to a friend using FM 10.0v3 (not advanced) with his FM server.