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    Import/copy over privilege sets and accounts?



      Import/copy over privilege sets and accounts?


      Hi, I have an existing file in FileMaker and I want to create a new file with the same privilege sets and accounts that are set up in the existing file but I cannot find how to do this. Is there a way to copy over or import the account and security settings I have in onje fileinto another? I have numerous accounts and detailed privilege sets that need to be the same in both files and it would take way too long to repeat them manually. Also, I have many accounts that I do not know the exact passwords to since I had the users set up their own and if I have to create new accounts this will be a very big issue for me. Please help! Thank you!

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          If you make a duplicate copy of your file, it will contain duplicate account information. You can then delete tables, layouts etc from this copy to discard what you don't want and can then add or import tables, scripts etc to create your new file with identical accounts.

          You may also want to investigate scripts for keeping the account info in two or more files properly in sync. (This can be used, for example so that a user can change their password and make identical updates to their password in every file in the system.

          You may also want to research server side authentication as an alternative approach to managing user access.