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    Import/Export Picture Buttons Failing Online



      Import/Export Picture Buttons Failing Online


      Hi All,


      I am very new to filemaker and have stumbled through. But hit a wall and need some help from a seasoned user.


      When publishing my database online I am losing functionality from my buttons executing the import and export picture scripts. The cursor turns into a little hand over the button. But when I click on either button...nothing happens. Other buttons are working online.


      Any ideas why this may be?


      From a noob

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          These functions, as you've discovered, don't work in IWP. There's no simple, low cost solution to uploading the pictures. There's a third party product called supercontainer, but I'm told it isn't cheap.

          You might be able to script something where the database emails the picture as an attachment from the server to the client on the export side.