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    imported data into a field with a value list...



      imported data into a field with a value list...


      I have data that is imported into FM from another source.  There is a 3 letter code that is imported in.  I have a value list on that field that had the 3 letter code and a little more information.  Is it possible to create a calculation that would populate the field with the value in the list that matches the imported data?


      An example:

      From import:  Location_Responding_From = 4MO

      Value List entry "4MO-Hwy4 and Morello"


      It's a long list and I used to have to enter it by hand, but the database manager of the source data finally allowed it to come over in the report I'm importing.



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          Why not set up a table of values for this with two fields, one for the short value and one for the long?

          The field with the short value would store "4MO" and the field with the long value would store either

          "4MO-Hwy4 and Morello"


          "Hwy4 and Morello"

          A 2 column value list can then list values from this table with the short value as "field 1" and the long as "field 2".

          A script could be set up to loop through a set of newly imported records to find any instances where a new short value was used. The script could then create a new record in your table of values and enter the short value, but that would still leave the need for setting up the second field with the long value and I'm not sure if that data is also being imported or not here.