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Imported file links broken? (not found)

Question asked by DarenKalahan on Oct 3, 2010
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Imported file links broken? (not found)


My goals is to import links to many short .wav audio clips. The clips are stored on my computer. Steps I took:

- Created table with fields including primary key, file name (text field), and container field

- Selected File > Import Records > Folder

- Specified folder and selected "file type: Picture and movie files" and "import only a reference to each picture file"

- Imported "file name" source field to "file name" target field and "file path" source field" to container target field

- Chose "add new records" option

- Imported

The table populates nicely but when I double click a container cell (browse mode) a popup says "The file “audiofile.wav” could not be found and is required to complete this operation." It then opens up the "Insert File" window to find the file. 

What would you recommend?

I'm a Filemaker Newbie : (.

Thank you so much!

MacBook Pro OS 10.6.4

Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced