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    Imported Fillable Form



      Imported Fillable Form


      A number of questions I have on an imported fillable forms

      Our process has a fillable pdf form that is printed then follows a job from sales to design to proofing to production to billing.  After doing some research on these forums, I read that you should import the fillable pdf form as a jpg.  After completing this task, the form shows up, and I set up fields on this imported form, but still can't tab thru this outside form?

      Basically what I would like is for the salesmen to be able to tab thru the fields filling them out (it'd be super nice if the form would auto-fill with the last transaction the customer had, but be overridable in case the customer changes size, quantity, etc).  Then the salesmen could print this form (completed or with some fields blank) so it could follow the project, but yet record the information in the fm database.

      Am I in a dream world, or can this be achieved?

      As always thank you in advance for any assistance or experience you can lend

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          You would not be able to tab through a PDF form after inserting it as an image into FileMaker. I believe that what you read was a description of using FileMaker to create a form for data entry where the PDF file was simply used as the "background". The developer still as to define fields for each corresponding field on the PDF and then places them on top of the PDF background. This method records the data in FileMaker and not in the PDF, but Save As PDF can be used to generate a new PDF that combines the image of the original PDF with the data from FileMaker--though the PDF thus produced is just a standard PDF, not a form.