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importing  oracle sql blob

Question asked by BogdanDinu on Apr 2, 2014
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importing  oracle sql blob



     For an FM database I want to switch the source with oracle. In short, the source database of the filemaker will be a transferred oracle one.

     Everything goes well until a point. I transferred everything from FM to oracle very nicely  (including containers which are now blobs). BUT when I put in FM the new database in oracle as source , FM does not see the blob columns.

     The problem is tough as I cannot just add manually the columns of type container. As the source table is an external one (oracle), I can add only calculated new columns.

     One solution would be to make another FM database which contains only the pictures in containers and link it. The problem is that by doing so I will modify too much the structure of my tables and as there are thousands of models it will become a real mess. Not to mention the modification of the scripts....

     Did anyone find a solution for importing the sql blob types ?