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    Importing 'some records from a Table in the same file



      Importing 'some records from a Table in the same file


           What I want to achieve is to importing 'some' records from Table A to Table B in the same file, and deleting the original records from Table A.

           First of all How do I import only 'some' records into another table in the same file?
            It seems to import all records from Table A.

           Can I also set u[p a script to delete the originals?


           Thank you.


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               Such a block move of records from one table to another is often a sign that you have a  less than optimum design for your database. While there are exceptions, it's generally a better idea to keep such records all in one table. But what you want to do is pretty straight forward.

               If the file with the source table is open (as it must be when both source and target tables are in the same file), Import records does not import all the records in the table. It imports all the records in the source Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? found set. To import just certain records from that source table, perform a find, use Go to Related Records or some other process to produce a found set of just the records you want to import on a specific layout. (This, can be part of your script in most cases.) Then set up Import Records to import from the same table occurrence as the one named in Layout Setup | Show Records from. When you use Import Records to select this table, first select the very same file that you have open, then select this table occurrence.

               Since you are importing this found set. You can use the script step "Delete all records" to delete them after you have imported records.

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