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Importing (capturing) data from glucose meter

Question asked by pauhana658 on Aug 31, 2013
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Importing (capturing) data from glucose meter


     I measure my blood glucose thrice daily using an Ultrasmart meter. Every so often, I import those measurements into a Filemaker 12 database on my iMac so that I have a complete history with charts to show my doctor.  

But the import process is nasty, involving Parallels 8, a proprietary Windows program and USB cable, importing and then exporting the measurements as a csv file, opening that file in Excel and reformatting the dates, and then importing the resulting data into Filemaker. 

     I'm no expert on data capture, but surely there is a simpler way to download those readings into Filemaker directly from the meter without all the tedious intermediary Parallels/Windows/Excel steps. Does anyone have any experience bringing data into FileMaker directly from an attached device, such as a meter, sensor, etc.? How can I set up Filemaker to download the measurements and automatically format them? Is it feasible? Is it even possible?