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    Importing .xlxs files



      Importing .xlxs files


      This is my first day to use FMP and I have a real newbie question. I have two Excel .xlsx files I want to convert to FMP files.


      File #1 oth the files Locations file

      File #2 - Inventory


      I want to convert both these files to FMP and then create relationship via the File/Manage/Relationship tab. I can see one of the converted files, but I can't figure out how to add the second converted file to create the relationship.


      Any suggestions ?





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          Open one of the two FileMaker files.

          Select Import records and import the data from the other Excel file, using the "new table" option in the target table drop down. This will produce a single file with two tables--one for each excel file. This is most likely to be a simpler approach for you than establishing external data source links between the two tables--but this could be done as well.