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    Importing a Hyperlink from Excel



      Importing a Hyperlink from Excel


      I obtain excel files from my work that have embedded hyperlinks.  Unfortunately, all of the cells with hyperlinks end up with only the generic "Display text" visible, and the hyperlink is hidden.  If you do a normal import into FileMaker, it just brings in the "Display text" and not the hyperlink.


      Does anyone know of any way to import the buried hyperlink instead of the "Display text"?


      Using FM 9.0 Pro Advanced



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          microsoft word has allowed for this since grandma was a teen, 1998?.

          right-click, hyperlink, done. what is the hold-up filemaker?

          script open url is an option, fore actual websites.

          but what if the solution sought for is a link, "hyperlink", to a different table within the same database, or,

          to a table of another database. like/as in a definitions table, somewhat wikipediaish. in other words,

          the text field contains words technical, or words not in your common vocabulary, so you need, not want, them defined.

          so the hyperlink takes you to a layout where it is defined. well... how do you do that with filemaker, not a plug-in (doscript)?

          you can't?

          while at it, how do you add the word to the built in dictionary, and turn the dictionary in to the usable table of definitions by exporting?

          also, how do you print multiple pages of a text field that holds 100,000 characters, with proper page break; that is, with text properly diplayed on the print out? and do this with page number of total number of pages. without a plug-in?

          preview (at least on filemaker pro 10 advanced) can't even tell the total number of pages until the last page has been reached using the next button on the toolbar (you know, the little page book on the upper left).

          how about multiple text boxes within the same text field? huh?? as in microsoft word, multiple tables in a document.

          multiple tables in a text field.

          despite this post being hijacked, abused, griped on, the solutions are being sought for displacing ms products, which is impossible due to the great flexibility of excel, but anyhow, a total filemaker solution would be great, well... at least for filemaker and its developers.

          any suggestions? anyone??


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            I'm responding only to one very small part of that last post:

            and do this with page number of total number of pages. without a plug-in?

            Define a global field, gTotalPages.

            Use this script:

            Enter Preview Mode[]
            Go To Record/Request/Page [last]
            Set Field [YourTable::gTotalPages ; get ( PageNumber )]

            It's a kludge and you have to script it, but it does work and does not require a plug in to do.

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              Thanks PhilModJunk.

              don't know " kludge " but understandment has been obtained.

              will use your script and get back to you.