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    Importing a large Excel Spreadsheet with multiple rows/record



      Importing a large Excel Spreadsheet with multiple rows/record


      I'm trying to import a large (32,900 rows x 12 columns) Excel spreadsheet that contains 21,600 records, many with multiple rows for each record.  When I try to do a simple import, each row shows up as a single record, not as a repeating field within each record. Although most of the fields (columns) will contain only one to 10 words, I have to narrow down the number of records through a boolean search, so that I can then import the last field ("Description"), which may contain several pages of single-spaced text.  This is not something I can easily go through record by record to correct the number of fields.  Also, this database is law-enforcement sensitive, so it can't be posted/displayed or otherwise shared.

      Although I've used filemaker Pro before, it was waaay back in version 5.

      Any help at all would be massively appreciated!

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          I think you should analyze your data and see if you can come up with a table design that eliminates the need for a repeating field but instead loads the data into a related table. You might need to import the data into an iterim table and then run a script that moves the data into two tables (main and detail) with the needed "adjustments" so that the recods in the tables are properly linked and store the correct data.

          Even if you decide to keep a repeating field structure, you won't be able to import this data directly, but would need to use such a method to load the data into your repetitions anyway.