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    Importing a record(s) from one database to another one.



      Importing a record(s) from one database to another one.


      Hello. Need to know if this is the best way to import select records from one database (let's call DB-1) to another (DB-2) or if there is a better way to do so. What I'm doing now, is I find the records in the one database (DB-1) I want to export into another one (DB-2) and then, I go to the second database (DB-2) (where I want these records to be copied to), is where I do the importing. I'm using the store number (unique ID for the databases) here to match, but if the DB-2 database updated any other information that I'm bringing in, this way will override any changes, but I still want to bring all this information in for the one new record that needs to go into DB-2. Somehow I believe there is a better way to do this, but not sure how, unless I export to Excel and import that document with just the one record of information. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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          Why do you need to import this data?

          What would you change to make it "better"? (I can imagine a number or variations of this basic method, but it depends on the needs of your project as to whether any other variations make it better for you.)

           One change that comes to mind is that you can put a Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? of your source table into the target table's file using the "add FileMaker Data Source" option available when you add a new table occurrence. Then you can do the entire, find and import process from the same table. (When you select the file from which to import, select the same file that you already have open in order to reference this new table occurrence as your source table for the import.)