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importing adobe eforms into FMpro 9 database

Question asked by rusty_ykk on Aug 26, 2009


importing adobe eforms into FMpro 9 database


My goal is to have a fillable form a I could email and once filled, automatically populate the corresponding fields in a FMpro 9 database.


From what I can see, there would be only one option is I want to use a fillable pdf form made with adobe indesign/acrobat writer: PDF manipulator.

I got it to work with the demo version (ie, retrieve the fields from the pdf form into the pdf importer plugin) but I am not sure how I could then use the information gathered in the PDF manipulator file to populate my own FMpro 9 database fields. I suspect it probably involves some scripting. Has anyone done this? It seems like getting help from the company (Productive Company) will be quite expensive... and their documentation is scant at best.


One other option is FMstudio (discussed in another thread). However great that option sounds, it is not optimal since I don't have Dreamweaver...


If anyone has another suggestion, please feel free to share.