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Importing advice?

Question asked by ultranix on Dec 12, 2013
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Importing advice?


     I want to import data from .csv file.

     in order not to duplicate records, that already exist, i use "Import action: Update matching records in found set" and "Add remaining data as new records".

     here i encounter a problem: our software, that exports data to .csv, doesn't include client_id into the .csv file, but only names file with the client_id.

     which later becomes a problem for import, as i cannot use "Field mapping = Match records based on this field" (I usually base on client_id and date fields (date field is already in .csv, so it's ok)

     Is there another way to perform such import of records from .csv (Update matching records in found set, Add remaining data as new records, Field mapping = Match records based on this field) getting the filename of .csv as a variable and using it as a source field to match records based on this field, or the only option is to open .csv in Excel and add another column, where i put client_id in all rows and only then import?