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Importing and storing data

Question asked by SomeFileMakerNoob on Feb 27, 2014
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Importing and storing data


     Hey All,

     I'm pretty new to DB programming, loving FMP though. So far has been easy sailing. Finally hit a brick wall though. Basically, here's what I'm looking at. We have a customer DB where we import a monthly Excel which contains about 60k+ lines every month. What I need advice on is...I don't know how to explain it, so bear with me please. Here's what I need it to do.

     1. Import new month and display in main search layouts

     2. Previous months data is stored for 6 months and is viewable in a separate layout. 

     So, basically I would need the newest data to be displayed in any newer searches, then I would have a "history" portal for each of the previous 6 months. I'm sure I'm being very obscure, I can provide more data if need be. I was just looking for general ideas. 

     Thanks for your help in advance.


     FMP 13 adv