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Importing Bento libraries + images into FMPro 11

Question asked by rick741 on Oct 6, 2010


Importing Bento libraries + images into FMPro 11


I've just upgraded to FMPro 11 and wish to transfer Libraries from Bento 3 into FMPro. I have Bento for iPad, but find its poor and restrictive display unusable for my requirements, I was considering purchasing FMPro GO for iPad as a way of overcoming this limitation.

I've imported some Libraries but find transfers are restricted to data only and do not include images. A search of this forum appears to confirm this.

Having gone to much expense, is there no way around this limitation? One of the libraries I wish to transfer has over 6.5K of records, each with a picture, so importing one at a time is not an option.

Any advice and ideas would be most welcome.