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    Importing Business Cards



      Importing Business Cards



      I am very new to Filemaker Pro 10 and am up to speed with the basics of data entry considering the database was already setup when I came on board to the department 3 weeks ago.


      What I am having troubles with is importing business card images and information from Cardiris 3.5 into this contact management database. The manuals for both have no information on how to do this.


      If anyone can help it will help me do my job as well as not spend any money on a new scanning system. Also alot of time has been spent on troubleshooting this problem and no where close to resolving-.


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          What kind of output are you getting from the Cardiris system?


          Jpeg? Tiff? OCR generated text?


          Are you trying to store an image of the card or something more sophisticated such as OCR generated text parsed to text fields?

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            The card image is being automatically saved as a .jpeg.


            I am trying to store the image as well as extracting the text information. With a little playing around with a new database for learning purposes, I was able to import the text into the appropriate fields. Teaching myself how to format the database. The images did not import over and not sure why. I can copy and paste them from the image file but that creates double effort and defeats the purpose of what I'm trying to do.  Which is to import the business card information into one big contact list.


            Does this help you?

            Thank you


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              You can use filemaker and the insert picture command to either insert a copy of the file or a reference to that file, but you'd have to know the file name of the newly scanned business card Jpeg. If you can compute that in a filemaker field, then you can use a $Path variable when inserting the image and script the whole process. There are also file manipulation plug ins that may give you more options here.


              There's also a plug in, InsideScan, that claims to enable you to scan directly to a filemaker container field, but last time I checked, filemaker 9 was the most recent version they supported so I don't know if it would work for you.


              There's also a product called SuperContainer that you may want to check out. You should be able to web search and find web pages for both products if you are interested.