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    Importing checkbox values from CSV file...



      Importing checkbox values from CSV file...


      Hi.. complete newbie here, so pardon my ignorance...

      I have set up a simple registration page on a website using Jotform. The final question on the webpage form is a checkbox list (named "Days Attending") with the days of the week and five checkboxes.

      I can download a CSV file from JotForm, import it into my FileMaker DB (with matching fields), and all goes swimmingly until I get to the check box values.

      The CSV file says "Days Attending" followed by a list of the days that have been checked (Mon,Tue, etc). 

      How can I get these values to correspond to checkboxes in my FileMaker DB?

      I am wondering if I'll have to use "Replace Field Contents", as is mentioned in this forum topic: 


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          Your checkbox in Filemaker should then have the same values.

          "File" - "Manage" - "Value Lists"

          If your Checkbox values are "Monday" "Tuesday" ...
          And you import "Monday" in the field the checkbox for monday will be checked.

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            If the individual values of the check box list appear in the csv file as comma separated values, then you will not be able to import the values into the same field as a return separated list of values--what your FileMaker checkbox group needs to display the same selected values.

            Replace Field Contents can be used to do a "post import cleanup" of your data but not quite as described in the thread you referenced.

            a) You'd need a separate field for each value that might be selected.

            b) You need a calculation for the replace field contents that produces the needed list of values: List ( field1 ; field2 ; field3 ; // and so forth ) and puts them into the text field  you've formatted as your check box group.

            On the otherhand, if the CSV is structured so that all the selected values will import into one field, but your value list is defined to use the full names and you are importing 3 letter abbreviations, then the method described in that thread may be used--but with a more sophisticated calculation to convert 3 letter abbreviations into the full names. (Or you can modify your checkbox group's value list to use three letter abbreviations instead of full names.)

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              Thank you both for your quick responses...

              Looking at the CSV file, I don't think the values for the Checkbox group are either comma separated OR return separated.


              "Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri" (This is a "cut & paste" from the CSV file, generated if all 5 days are selected on the webpage).

              I did come up with an alternate solution:

              I have modified my Web Form now so that instead of having a CheckBox list, i have 5 separate check box fields (named Mon - Fri), and 5 Checkbox fields in the Filemaker DB, and importing the CSV now populates the checkboxes in the FMP DB, but the web form doesn't look as tidy as it did...

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                Import the CSV data as you have been doing (old style) and set another copy of the Days field on the layout, but format it as a simple edit text box.  Do you see "Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri"?

                If so, you can simple append to the end of the import script the step:

                Substitute ( DaysAttending ; " " ; "¶" )

                You will see the days correctly displayed in the check box.