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Importing checkbox values from CSV file...

Question asked by AndrewGosling on May 21, 2012
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Importing checkbox values from CSV file...


Hi.. complete newbie here, so pardon my ignorance...

I have set up a simple registration page on a website using Jotform. The final question on the webpage form is a checkbox list (named "Days Attending") with the days of the week and five checkboxes.

I can download a CSV file from JotForm, import it into my FileMaker DB (with matching fields), and all goes swimmingly until I get to the check box values.

The CSV file says "Days Attending" followed by a list of the days that have been checked (Mon,Tue, etc). 

How can I get these values to correspond to checkboxes in my FileMaker DB?

I am wondering if I'll have to use "Replace Field Contents", as is mentioned in this forum topic: