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    Importing Contact ASAP



      Importing Contact ASAP


      Hi there,


      I am having trouble with my email campaign management database. The contacts that I import an excel document I am having trouble adding them to the mailing list; however, contacts that I entered manually ito FM, are added to the mailing list (the recipents) just fine?


      Please help,



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          Hi Michele


          Think it may be during the import you either import into the k_ID_Contact field, which is the unique id field for that record and what is used to link it to the campaign. Or you have not selected the option to 'Perform auto-update options while importing' which will populate the k_ID_Contact during update.


          Drag this field onto you layout to check if all contacts have a value.


          If some are blank you just need to populate them using the Replace Field Content option.


          First thing to do is to modify the options for the k_ID_Contact field in the database, so you can modify the field, so in Define Database click on the field and then hit 'Options...' Now under the Auto-Enter tab deselect 'Prohibit modification of value' and also make note of the next value under the Serial Number option.


          Now in your records, make sure you are in all the records where that field is blank, Perform a find with "=" in the field. click into it the field and go: Records > Replace Field Contents...


          In the Replace Field Contents dialog select the option for 'Replace with serial numbers:' and the Initial Value should match that in the Auto-Enter option, if not update it to be the same.


          Tick the option to 'Update serial number in Entry Options?' If this option is not selectable then there is a problem in the Auto-Enter settings.


          And click Replace.


          This will set the serials for all the records and also update the next value in your Auto-Enter options. 


          Once this is complete go back into Define Database and the Auto-Enter options for the _ID_Contact field and tick the option for 'Prohibit modification of value during data entry' 


          And then remove the field from the layout and see if that does the trick. 

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            Hi Orlando,


            Everything works so far, but because I am a newbie at this, where is the "Replace the field contents" option on filemaker 10?




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                 Thank you so much! It finally worked! Thanks!
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                Hi Michele,


                Sorry I got that wrong, in the Campaign Management solution the menus are slightly different to the standard FileMaker menu set, you should find it under 'Contacts > Replace Field Contents..'


                Let me know ow you get on with this. 

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                  Yes, I find it thanks.

                   Now since I have you with this anyway, I have over 1000 contacts in  my database, I want to add all of them to my campaign mailing list, is there a way to select all the names instead of going through each one and selected their name (very time consuming)?




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                       Looks like there is nothing in the solution to do this, but I will have a look and see if I can come up with a script to automate this and you can add it in.