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Importing Contacts

Question asked by lboyer30 on Oct 5, 2014
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Importing Contacts



I am looking for an easy way to allow the users of my database to import/export their contacts into my solution. In the FM help menu, they suggest searching for  “vCard to CSV” and choosing one of those converters - does anyone have one that they recommend?  I have also seen an app that you can buy to convert the contacts but I do not want my users to have to purchase an app.  Is there really no other option out there?  Ideally I would like to set up something in the solution that does this, or have a plug-in that would do this for me.  Any suggestions or ideas would be helpful.  

I also found this from Soliant:

I haven't tried it yet since it is from 2009, I thought maybe there would be some improvements/better integration with importing contacts with FM13 since then and would see if anyone had any suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your help!