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Importing contacts into BPS

Question asked by Drumm1 on Jan 22, 2010
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Importing contacts into BPS




I'm new to Filemaker, I am currently trying out pro 10 on my new iMac and after watching the videos and reading the bumf it looks to be exactly what I need for my event services business. However I do have a question;


I have 2 CSV file databases which contain information about my customers, one with emails and company names.... one with addresses and contact names for the same companies. If I want to merge these in numbers I will have to spend a lot of time deleting certain repeat rows as these are big data bases...


I want to import these into filemaker and have the information merge repeat items and combine the individual company information to create one complete database......... is this possible or do I need to merge them before import?


Also I am not finding things as easy as they are made out to be, for instance.. why is it that even though I'm using the BPS services edition kit, when I make a new database it doesn't go into the BPS? the overall look and setup is regular filemaker?!!?


Maybe I need to start from the beginning again?!? Any information you guys could offer would be greatly apreciated