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Importing CSV and Manipulating Data Imported

Question asked by Solution69 on Jul 8, 2010
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Importing CSV and Manipulating Data Imported


hi, I am new to FM and so far its day 2 of it being installed at work.  I am trying to ease my pain with working alongside csv files and have managed to get data to import nicely into filemaker.

I could however use some help from the community here.

lets say i have a set of fields

field1 is called retail_price

field2 is called cost_price

field3 is called product_name

field4 is called xport_prod_name

for field 2, if I have an imported data of n/a is there a way for me to set it so that field 1 + xx%

additionally for field 4, I would like to format it so that field4 = field3 however the text is formatted differently and all spaces are converted over to a dash "-" i.e. this-had-some-spaces-but-now-has-dashes

also, lastly is there a way to automate this with a script for each csv file i import in the future so that way i can click a button and have it perform this for me?

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