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    Importing CSV into a Checkbox field



      Importing CSV into a Checkbox field


           Hi All,

           I have an excel file which has some cells with more than one value separated by commas.  These values match the checkbox field list I created in FMP 12, but when I import the data FMP will read the first value and dump the entire contents of the excel cell in that one box instead of matching the other comma separated values as "other" values within that cell.  Is there a way to set FMP to understand that a comma is separating values.

           Thanks for any help you can provide.


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               In FileMaker, the values must be separated by returns instead of commas. If you put an edit box formatted copy of this field on your layout and click into it, do you see only a single value or all of the values? It will depend on the format of your CSV file as two whether the commas separating your values are interpreted as values in separate columns or a single text entry in a single column.

               If, only the first value is in this field, then you will need to import this data into separate fields and use Replace Field Contents or some other method to combine the data after or even during the import.

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                 Thanks, I guess I'll have to replace the commas with returns in excel.  Pretty frustating that FMP can't be set to separate the value, which are already comma separated.

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                   FileMaker CAN separate the values, but the devil is in the Details. That's why I asked you to check and see if the data was all being imported into a single field or not. Once that details is established it's not too difficult to set up a system that produces the needed list of selected values in your check box field.