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Importing data and preserving formatting (italics, etc.)

Question asked by PaulRosen on Mar 17, 2014
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Importing data and preserving formatting (italics, etc.)


     I'm trying to import some data that contains bolding and italics on some words, but now sure how to do it.

     I have control over the importing process, so I can format the file any way I want (the file that gets imported is actually generated with an external script.)

     So, is there any import format that will preserve formatting? And what should that formatting look like?

     (Currently I'm creating a CSV file and using html tags <i> and <b>. That certainly doesn't work, but there must be some way.)

     ... Alternately, I guess I could import the data like it is and write a FMP script that looks for the text <i>title</i> and replaces it with the italicized version. I'm not sure how I would do that, either.

     Thanks for any insights!