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Importing data from an old flat database

Question asked by SebastianConti on Aug 15, 2011
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Importing data from an old flat database


I have a file created a long time ago when Filemaker was a flat database. I'm looking for an efficient way to import the data into a current relational database. The flat database with about 12,000 records has customers identified with first name, last name, date of first encounter and a unique ID number consisting or 4 digit number and a letter.  

For example:
First Record (encounter)
Date         8/15/1992
Name:    John Doe
ID        6754 a

Second Record (encounter)
Date         4/11/1993
Name:    John Doe
ID        6754 b

Third Record (encounter)
Date         12/11/1995
Name:    John Doe
ID        6754 c

And so on ...

Some customers have only one record, others as many as 30 or more. Each customer record also contains a several text, date, graphic and number fields unique to that customer encounter.

Is there an easy was to import this information into a new file so that there is one record for each customer related to another file with the different encounters? Hope this is clear.