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Importing Data from Excel

Question asked by RashinAlizadeh on Jul 29, 2011
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Importing Data from Excel


Hi There,

I have created a new database which asks for different information from the user (some to be picked from drop down menus, while others typed in by the user).

A lot of this information I already have in an excel file which I am trying to import instead of retyping some 500 records.

here is how I go about importing these:

1-delete all records in FM

2-clear all fields on the layout

3-import records by choosing the appropriate file, worksheet, and matching up the categories, etc.

However the problem is that when I clear all the fields, three pieces of info (two of the drop downs and one text[ a date entered previously]) remain in the fields. So that when I go to import the records, all of them are imported however the content of the two drop downs and the same date appear for every single record despite the fact that they are different in the excel file.

What should I do?

Thanks so much.