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Importing Data from excel via Script

Question asked by Oodua on Jul 14, 2009
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Importing Data from excel via Script


I recently wrote an Import Script to import data from excel to update Filemaker records and add the remaining data as new records. For a while the Script functioned quite well. Then there was a message from the user that the Script did not work any more.

Later I realized that the user has renamed the Excel "Range" I used to automate the Script from "Data" to "DATA" to accomodate the increase or decrease in the number of "Rows". And since the registered Range name with Filemaker Import Script was "Data", the Script failed.


Why does the Range name need to be case sensitive for Filemaker? Can Filemaker not treat "Data", "data" or "DATA" as the same name? Excel does not care.

I will recommend that Filemaker release a patch to correct this oversight immediately.