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Importing Data from External Website

Question asked by MarkRespinger on Dec 5, 2012


Importing Data from External Website


     I'm really new to Filemaker Pro, but have experience with Access and mySQL/PHP for this issue. I am trying to automate the import of data from sites such as The site gives a variety of feeds in XML, CSV, XLS & JSON. I want to be able to download the data and automatically import it into the correct table without user intervention. To reduce bandwidth and processor usage I would also like to be able to modify the HTTP request such that only the latest data is downloaded.✓&dataset%5Btrim_start%5D=2005-12-31&dataset%5Btrim_end%5D=2012-12-31&dataset%5Bcollapse%5D=annual&dataset%5Btransformation%5D=

     By changing the HTTP request each time I send it, I can limit the date range and reduce bandwidth and prevent redundant data from being downloaded.

     Any assistance, even if it just pointing me the right direction for my research, would be most appreciated. I'm happy to clarify anything if I haven't explained myself properly.

     Thank you in advance.