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    Importing Data From Four Separate Excel Files



      Importing Data From Four Separate Excel Files


           Hi All,

           I am trying to import data from four separate Excel spreadsheets in a new FMP 12 Database I created.  There is a distinct value that is shared in all four databases most of the time called Record Number.  I say "most of the time" because these Excel Spreadsheets do not exactly match, some have more rows or Record Numbers than others (by thousands), so it not easy to match all of them into one Excel file then do an easy import into my database.  I did create a field called Record Number in my new database.  Can I import these spreadsheets one by one and set the FMP database to understand that if it sees a duplicate Record Number it should not see it as a new record and to only update the other fields associated with that Record Number.

           Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.



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               Yes, you need to set the Record Number field to unique data, always verify, and prohibit modification. Then when you import you can import using update matching records in found set with a check in the box that says add remaining data as new records after the first import, but do a show all records first before each of the next imports. When you do the update matching records, use the Record Number field with the = and the -> on the rest of them, this will update any data in the other fields