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Importing data from InDesign or Word

Question asked by jtoynbee on Feb 11, 2010
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Importing data from InDesign or Word


We have taken over a project with a directory of service providers, this is printed in the back of a diary. Currrently the only electronic files we have are the InDesign files it was set in last year and an export of these into Word, with InDesign's styles carried over in to Word paragraph styles. Each listing in the directory has several components which would each become a field: company name, address, phone number, etc. and a brief <30 word tagline. In the printed directory they are listed in catagories (with 1 level of sub-catagory), these catagories are present in the Word export, as headings. The whole Directory needs updaing in advance of next year's publication.


What I would like to do is get the whole in to FM, so we can (1) add email/fax details and send a confirmation of their current listing and invite them to update; (2) track the responses and make them in the FM DB; (3) when ready export the updated text back to InDesign for next year's publication.


1. Is it possible to import the text, and have FM pick up the word para styles so it allocates each para to a corresponding field?

2. How would one carry over the catagories and sub-catagories? These are currently only included in the source text at start of each catagory, but obviously apply to all the listings under them.


Thanks in advance