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Importing data from jpegs?

Question asked by CourtneyMaurine on May 29, 2009
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Importing data from jpegs?


Hi Filemaker pros!


I am new to Filemaker, a consultant working on a museum collection of cigarette holders. My new boss gave me a cd full of jpegs, pictures of the pieces in the collection. Supposedly Filemaker-formatted information on each piece is contained on the cd as well. I figured once I got the proper software (Filemaker) that the data would magically show up, but it did not. Is there any way the info is embedded in these jpegs? Or did my boss just neglect to put the database on the cd along with the jpegs? I tried to "Open" the files in Filemaker but nothing in that cd's contents seems to be in a format Filemaker can open.


I need to inform myself here before asking my boss about it again. She said that "The Museum had the same problem too and they just had to manipulate the files somehow..." She had no idea how as she does not know the software herself, but insisted the info was on there.