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Importing Data from Mac Excel using CSV

Question asked by ejolesch_1 on Feb 14, 2014
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Importing Data from Mac Excel using CSV


     I have a problem trying to import data from an Excel spreadsheet.  I have a database that I use every year to help me organize my expenses, etc for tax purposes.  I create an empty copy of the database from the previous year, and it has worked ok in the past.  It's not a "pretty" db, just functional for me.

     My problem this year is I haven't been able to import the data (as a .csv) file correctly.  It won't import the amount.  In the db amount is a number, and I have saved my excel worksheet as a .csv file.  When I start the import I check the data, and the amount does show in the amount field, but when I import there are no amounts there.

     I have imported the file several times, erasing the data each time, and it won't import the amount.  I have looked at the raw .csv file and the amount looks correct.  I have also created a "new" db by importing the original spreadsheet and the amounts do import without any issues.

     Does anyone have any idea why my importing of the .csv file is not working correctly?  I'm sure it's something that I'm not doing right but I can't figure it out.

     Any insights are appreciated.