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Importing data into 3 tables?

Question asked by gremlin9297 on Jun 2, 2015
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Importing data into 3 tables?


Hi again,

I have a data file that needs to be imported into 3 tables. My Main table contains employe information, the next contains information for vacation and sick time, and the third contains time for days not used. There is a  main layout that contains portals for each of the other tables. Basically.. 

Employee Layout

--Vac_Sick Portal--- 

--Unused days Portal--

The import has information that needs to be spread across these three tables. Im assuming it will have to be done with separate imports, though when I try to do that the other table are greyed out even when on a layout for that specific table... any help would be appreciated. Attached is the relationship I currently have set up for the three tables.