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    Importing data into 3 tables?



      Importing data into 3 tables?


      Hi again,

      I have a data file that needs to be imported into 3 tables. My Main table contains employe information, the next contains information for vacation and sick time, and the third contains time for days not used. There is a  main layout that contains portals for each of the other tables. Basically.. 

      Employee Layout

      --Vac_Sick Portal--- 

      --Unused days Portal--

      The import has information that needs to be spread across these three tables. Im assuming it will have to be done with separate imports, though when I try to do that the other table are greyed out even when on a layout for that specific table... any help would be appreciated. Attached is the relationship I currently have set up for the three tables.

      THANK YOU!


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          Do the Employee Record import first.  Import the fields it gets first.  Go to a layout for each of the other two tables, do the import for those fields.  It is three separate imports, it is just that you are using one source.  

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            However, your relationships do not look like they are set up correctly. The fields ending in "FK" should have "crowsfeet" in the relationship line that connects to them. This indicates that you have set up those fields either to auto-enter a serial number or they have a unique values validation specified and that should not be the case here.