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Importing Data into a record with Portal

Question asked by Mitch on Jun 26, 2010
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Importing Data into a record with Portal


I have a issue regarding importing data for a single record that contains and large number of related portal records.


I have a Database created on Filemaker Pro 11, MAC OSX that records the receipts of awards.  The main record has fields that list the <Award_Name> <Award_Type> and the like.   The related portal records lists the recipient details, such as <Surname> <First_Name> <Occupation> <Date>  <Reference> <Page_Number> etc.  


As you can see I have any given number of awards within the database, but each award can have a large number of recipients.


An export function works well and a single award record can be exported along with all its related recipients  -  within the one spreadsheet. Obviously the <Award_Name> and <Award_Type> are repeated cells for each recipient within the spreadsheet.


However, I am stuck when it comes to writing a script and setting up to import  a single award record along with its recipients.....