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Importing Databases, Creating Relationships - beginner!

Question asked by yawa on Mar 30, 2009
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Importing Databases, Creating Relationships - beginner!


Hi All,


I'd really appreciate some help with a very simple problem (I'm a beginner!)...

I need to import a table from one database into another to combine information into one database.  I am importing a "project management" table into a "content management" database, and I selected file -> import records -> from file -> filemaker and then selected the "project management" database.  However, when I import that info, I'm not able to view it in the same way that I was able to when it was a separate database.  How do I keep the layout and info the same? Can I switch between views of my "contact management" table and the imported "project management"? When I select edit layout -> manage database -> tables, I am able to view that there are two tables in this database now ("contact managment" and "project management", but in browse mode, I can't see any of the imported "project managment" info. How do I switch between these two tables?


Also, I'd like to define a relationship between the two tables that would allow me to view projects sorted by "company" field (in the contact and project tables), even though the "contact management" database I'm importing info into in is organized by "client" rather than "company" ("company is just a field, not the primary category the records are categorized in. (The logic behind this is that projects are managed by "company name" not "client name" as we have several clients at the same company, so projects mustn't be linked to contacts).

What I've attempted to do to accomplish this was to select edit layout -> manage database -> relationships. I can see the "project management" table there, and I clicked and dragged a line from the "company" field in the "contact managment" table to the "company" field in the "project management" table. Is this how I would accomplish the previous paragraph's goal?

For some reason, I still can't find the project management table anywhere (it's just present when I'm in  -> manage database) but it's invisible in browse mode....making it so I can't test my newly created relationship. Where did the table from the imported database (projects) go in the contact database? (Note: there are no records in the "project" table yet, just in the "contacts" table.)


Please let me know if I wasn't clear, or if I'm doing something wrong - any help would be greatly appreciated!