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Importing dBase databases into FM Pro 10  Advanced

Question asked by silversam on Dec 18, 2009
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Importing dBase databases into FM Pro 10  Advanced


   I am brand new to FM. I wrote and used databases for many years but it's been quite a few years since I've written any. The ones I wrote have worked for me and I really haven't had to do much but tweak them here and there. I have moved from Windows machines to Macintosh and I have purchased filemaker pro advanced 10 and have upgraded it to 10.0 v3. I have several programs consisting of multiple, relational databases created in dBase IV that I'd like to run on my Macs (OSX 10.6.2).

How do I import dBase IV dbfs into FMP? I have tried creating a blank database of the same name and then File-->Import Records-->File or Folder, (connecting to the folder where the files are). I am not getting anywhere. Do I need to manually recreate each of the fields or will FM build the structure itself?  Will FM recognize the established relationships or will I have to recreate them? Please advise.


Sam Silverman