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Importing excel data into a portal of one record

Question asked by incybau on Oct 1, 2013
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Importing excel data into a portal of one record


     Hi, Is there a way to import some line items into a portal of one record?  Specifically, we are a printing company and we get requests for cost estimates.  So, instead of copying and pasting each line from the email, I was hoping to give them an excel template where they fill up what they need estimated and we import that into the portal lines of the cost estimate being prepared for them.

     Our cost estimate database includes a  portal with 7 columns - PRODUCT (which is a drop down to choose the item), QTY, DESCRIPTION, SIZE WIDTH, SIZE HEIGHT, UNIT COST, TOTAL.  What I was hoping to do was provide the excel template when they email in their request and fill up the PRODUCT, QTY DESCRIPTION, WIDTH, HEIGHT.  Once we have that, we import the data into the new record/Cost estimate and we plug in the unit cost, the TOTAL is already a calculation.

     Our database is pretty complete, we have a customer database, product database linked to each cost estimate, it just gets tedious when inputting the line data when sometimes they can reach up to 50 lines per cost estimate.  I was just trying to avoid less mistakes which happens when you copy and paste, that way the data  stays intact.  Is this possible?  Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.  

     Thank you for any help provided