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    importing excel data to 'comments/option box'



      importing excel data to 'comments/option box'


      I'm a new user on FMP10.  I'd like to import cells that contain descriptive 'comments' from excel into the 'comments' box for the fields in FMP.  I could do this on a case by case basis with copy/paste, but I'd like to set it up automatically.  How do i do this?


      Thanks for your help

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          Are there additional cells in the Excel spreadsheet that will LINK the existing FMP records to the rows in the Excel spreadsheet?

          How many rows in the excel spreadsheets? Less than ten, copy and paste would be your best bet.

          More than fifty and there are links to the records from the spreadsheets...


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            Hi David,

            thank you for your help.  I hope the following gives you the info you need:

            the excel spreadsheet is approx 800 columns by 200 rows.  each row corresponds to a particular person, each column to a particular characteristic.  the top row of excel contains an abbreviated name eg "telephone_h" and the second row contains the description eg "home telephone number".  The 3rd to 200th row contains all the phone numbers. if i import the spreadsheet as is, the 'description' becomes the first row of data in FMP.  what i would really like to do is transfer the description into the 'comments' box for each field so that when i look at the field information in 'manage database' i can easily see the type of information each field contains.  i would like to eventually get rid of the spreadsheet completely and just use FMP.  Can i assume, if i use links, that i will need to maintain the excel spreadsheet somewhere?


            thanks again


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              << The 3rd to 200th row contains all the phone numbers.>>

              You have a client/contact/customer with that many phone numbers?!?!?!

              I must be misunderstanding.


              You may want to open the Excel Spreadsheet in FileMaker.

              Get it into a database and do your imports from there to the final database.


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                I don't know of a way to import data into field comments - in fact, I don't think there's anything that can be done programatically with them.


                You could delete the first row of the spreadsheet, and import it into a new table. This will create field names from the descriptions.


                Eventually, you should place all your phone numbers in a related table with fields for PersonID, PhoneType, PhoneNumber (one record for each phone number).