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    Importing excel file into database



      Importing excel file into database


           hello FM users, 

           is there a way we can make Target field stay the same on the order we wanted to be?

           I've standardize excel files. whenever I import new excel files, I always have to fix it because I close out my application and the system doesn't recognize my preivous arrangement order anymore.

           is there a way we can make it save the customize order or other possible solution?

           any help is highly appreciated. 

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               Use a script with Import Records. As long as your excel spreadsheets always have the same format, the scripted import records action can save you a lot of time.

               You can even use a container field with insert file to throw up a dialog box where you select the excelfile to import. The script then inserts the file into the container field (with store a reference enabled), extracts the file name and file path from the container field--putting it into a variable and then import records can import the data using the filepath in the variable to find and import from the file that you selected in the dialog box.