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Importing Excel into Web Direct solution

Question asked by MikeWile on Aug 19, 2015
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Importing Excel into Web Direct solution


I have a solution that contains 157 fields. There is an Excel file that contains 8 of these fields that I'd like to import. The first row has matching fields to the solution. In FileMaker, I can check the Arrange by: matching names and it imports fine. The problem is that this is not an option in Web Direct. When you import the file, you have to manually match up the fields. The real pain is that the target fields are not in alphabetical order. They seem to be ordered by when the field was created. If the fields zebra, boy, milk, apple were created in that order, that's the order they appear. So I have to scroll through 157 fields to try and find a match, sometimes going through several times because I missed one on the first pass.

Has anyone come up with a better solution for importing? I wouldn't mind if this were a one-time thing but these logs are imported all the time with different values.