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Importing files and break-down name script.

Question asked by bracke on Sep 25, 2012
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Importing files and break-down name script.


     Hello everybody,

     Im on FileMaker 12, intermediate level. 

     I need to write a script that will do the following for me.

     When i import records I have a script running that will grab the name of the parent folder of the images that im importing and put it in a field name Job_Name. Usually the job name is the combination of invoice number, client name, image size, shipping info, paper coating and quantity all of them separated by an (_). ex job name352623_J.Doe_8.5x11_UV_5k_UPS.

     Is there any way to get this info to go into their respective fields? I have fields for invoice, name, size, coating, qty, shipping and i have to enter all this info manually, there are lots of room for errors here and i want to eliminate them. A script can take care of something like that. The job name is always written in the same order and the same format so the script can use the same parameters to get the info from the job name.

     Please help me out to get this done or point me in the right direction.