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    Importing files on Mac OSX



      Importing files on Mac OSX



           My company recently bought filemaker pro 12 to use as a CMS system. And now we are going through the process of importing all of our old files. I was wondering if there was a way to import a large number of files at once. I am aware of the folder import tool, but I would like to map more data than just is available in the folder import tool. Example, the folder name is the department that the files are associated with, and I would like to populate a field using just the folder name not the whole path. Any help would be appreciated.

           Thank you.

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               You would need to set up a script for this. The Import Records | Folder option is only intended for image and text files and the image or the text is imported into a single field. It sounds like you have other files here to import, that I assume contain contact info and such.

               With a script, you can set it to loop through the files in a folder, importing one at a time with Import Records provided that each file has the same format, the same columns of data with the same delimitting character-either a comma for a csv import or a tab for tab files would be best.

               To loop through the files in the folder requires installing one of several different plug ins that offer this capability or by placing this folder inside the user's documents folder and using Get ( DocumentPathListing ) to parse out the files and file paths needed.

               Either way, you need to understand how to work with $Path variables and Import Records. You may find this thread on $Path variables and the script steps that can use them helpful: Exploring the use of a $Path Variable in Scripts