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Importing Folders of Photos cross platform

Question asked by sksmith2517 on Apr 3, 2013
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Importing Folders of Photos cross platform


     I just received a very nice answer to my question about extracting a string from my file path in the hopes I could use it to navigate to referenced images from a photocatalog database.  Keen.  (Thank You, PhilModJunk)

     However I was amiss on the larger issue of importing referenced photos to begin with.  I created a database and imported folders of pics on my Win machine. Then when I opened the db on my Mac - no images, there; just a disappointing message: The file cannot be found:name.jpg in the container field.  All other data is of course there..

     What I really need to do first is import 600+ images so their referenced images can be viewed on either Mac or Win. In Sep 2011 a wonderful thread helped me to insert text docs one at a time.(CF Container image reference issue across system platforms).

     Now I have dozens of folders of images that bosses are asking to access.  Can this same system work with folders? I can't bring myself to add pics one by one - argh.  Sigh.  Any help - greatly appreciated.