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    Importing Folders of Photos cross platform



      Importing Folders of Photos cross platform


           I just received a very nice answer to my question about extracting a string from my file path in the hopes I could use it to navigate to referenced images from a photocatalog database.  Keen.  (Thank You, PhilModJunk)

           However I was amiss on the larger issue of importing referenced photos to begin with.  I created a database and imported folders of pics on my Win machine. Then when I opened the db on my Mac - no images, there; just a disappointing message: The file cannot be found:name.jpg in the container field.  All other data is of course there..

           What I really need to do first is import 600+ images so their referenced images can be viewed on either Mac or Win. In Sep 2011 a wonderful thread helped me to insert text docs one at a time.(CF Container image reference issue across system platforms).

           Now I have dozens of folders of images that bosses are asking to access.  Can this same system work with folders? I can't bring myself to add pics one by one - argh.  Sigh.  Any help - greatly appreciated.

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               Where are the files located that you are importing?

               If they are not located on a shared directory accessible to all database users, there's no way to make this work.

               What version of FileMaker are you using?

               If you are using FIleMaker 12, I strongly recommend that you import your picture files using Import Records | Folder into a container fields configured to use external storage. And do not specify the "store a reference" option. This approach will insert the files, store them in the designated external storage location and then the files will be accessible for both mac and windows systems.

               If you are using an older version of FileMaker, this process becomes more difficult due to the fact that the filepath to the shared directory will be different for mac users than that used for windows. One solution to this issue is to use Import Records | Folder to import all the records into your database with the store a reference option selected for the imported images. Then, instead of placing this container field on your layouts, do one of the following:

               Put a web viewer on your layout with a calculated URL that uses the filepath from the container field, but modifies it to work with the current user's platform.

               Put a calculation field with a container result type on the layout. Define the calculation to extract the filepath from the container field, but modify it to work for the current user's platform.

               Note that with the method I am describing for FileMaker 11, system scripts that map and mount the shared directory can be a very useful way to make sure that the file path to the image files is consistent. Such system scripts are platform specific so you have to have one for mac and one for windows.