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importing found set from one filemaker database to another

Question asked by LucyKenyon on May 18, 2012
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importing found set from one filemaker database to another


I lost some records, so am trying to retrieve them from the back-up, but can't figure how to import only the records I need. I can only import the entire back-up database. 

I perform a find in the source (backup) database, so only the records  i need appear in the window. I open the target database, hit import, match the field names, hit import again, and oops, my source database doubles in size. How do I control which records to import?

Help says: 

"3. If you're importing records from a FileMaker Pro file and you want to import certain records and omit others, open the
file and perform a find so that the found set in the current window contains only the records you want to import.
For more information, see Finding records. FileMaker Pro determines the found set to import from the foreground
window in the source file. If you import records from a closed file or an open file that is not displaying any windows,
FileMaker imports all the records, regardless of any found set."
what am I missing here?